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The Royal Hills accommodation guarantees a unique atmosphere and an unforgettable stay.

The chalets are situated in a section of the domain that keeps its peace and quiet even when there are bikes riding on the tracks.
This means that Royal Hills combines holidays with motorsports and mountain biking like no other place on earth.

This mix of pure holidays with the enormous off-road riding possibilities and a bike park all in 1 spot is one of a kind.

All houses for our guests are fully equipped with kitchen, garage for bikes, bathrooms and everything else you might need during your stay.

Each group has their own house and garage, and share the pool and play room with the other guests.

There are 4 separate houses available for bookings:

  • The Royal Lodge (min 8 - max 11p)            see more

  • The Lake View House (min 4 - max 7p)     see more

  • The Race Cabin (min 2 - max 4p)              see more

  • The Lake View Cabin (min 2 - max 4p)      see more

Nothing beats a dive in the swimming pool after a riding session!

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