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50 Hectares of private tracks and trails, with classy accommodation on site.

Founded in 2011, situated in the Tarn region in the south of France, and offering passionate fans of the sport

a place like no other to do what they love best...

Opening its doors to the mountain bike world since 2022 with the built of a brand new bike park in addition to the already existing pro mountain bike lines from the Royal Fest events since 2014.


Royal Hills offers a unique riding experience combined with a holiday atmosphere, a chance to enjoy your sport in a totally new and innovative way. Apart from the motorcycle and bike park facilities, Royal Hills also offers luxurious chalets, swimming pool, playroom, etc.
It's truly a unique place. The perfect spot for advanced training while preparing for the season, but also a great destination for friends and family holidays. 










ADULT       60€/day

KIDS*         40€/day



ADULT       50€/day

KIDS*         35€/day



ADULT       30€/day

KIDS*         20€/day



ADULT       70€/day

KIDS*         45€/day

  • Bookings from minimum 3 days

  • Minimum price for bookings WITH accommodation is 750€

  • Kids 3 - 12 years (0 - 2 years FREE)


We accept bookings starting from 2 people for a minimum of 3 days. 

For bookings we ask to email us:

  •   1 full name and address 

  •   let us know if you want to book the Moto park or Bike park.

  •   the arrival and departure dates (and specify on which days you want to ride)

  •   the exact amount of people (riders and non-riders / rider kids and non-rider kids)

           (see PRICES)


A third of the total amount is asked as a deposit to block the requested dates. No dates are blocked without receiving the transfer.

Once the deposit is paid, the total cost of your holiday becomes a fixed number, that means that when people drop out, the group will have to compensate for the missing rider(s). 


For smaller groups the deposit is set to a minimum of 750€ which is also the minimum amount we charge for any booking. 

For groups of minimum 16 riders we offer the whole facility private, smaller groups might have to share the tracks with other guests.


Each group always gets a separate house. Royal Hills is open all year long. Guests can ride the Moto park in between 10.00h and 18.00h, but no riding on Sundays.

Email us to find out exact availability.


Address: Chemin de la Verdussie - 81120 St Antonin De Lacalm - France

Nearest airports: TOULOUSE (107km) - CARCASSONNE (100km) -  RODEZ (105km)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed in Royal Hills? - Yes, dogs are allowed in Royal Hills.


Do the houses have WIFI? - All houses and cabins have a WIFI connection.

Are supermarkets near by? - Supermarkets and other shops are in Réalmont at 8km.

What are the nearest airports? - Nearest airports are Carcassonne, Toulouse or Rodez.

Are there any spare parts available? - We have most basic parts in the Royal Hills Shop.

Where are the nearest bike shops? - Bike shops (KTM, HQV, YAMAHA, HONDA, KAWASAKI, SHERCO) are 30 - 45min away.


Can we jetski on the lake? - Unfortunately no motorised vehicles are allowed on the lake. It's mainly used for fishing.


When is the best weather? - Until now we don't have any control over the weather. Weather is usually good all year round.


Are campers allowed? - Campers are only allowed if they are part of a bigger group, we don't have special prices for campers.

Are towels and bedding provided? - Houses come ready to go with bedding and towels.

Is there a barbecue? - All houses have their own barbecue.

Can we book for only 2 days? - Yes you can, but we will charge you for 3 since 3 is the minimum amount of days.


Will other groups be present during our stay? - If you are a small group then there is a chance that other guests might be present. To have the whole facility private you need to be with minimum 16 riders or at least pay for 16 riders.

Can we ride for just 1 day, only using the tracks? - That is possible for sure but we ask to contact us for precise availability because we have to check how many riders we have booked in that day.

Is the bike park open to ride for 1 day? - We try to let everyone ride our park but we ask kindly to email us to see what is possible and how we can make it work.

Can we rent bikes in Royal Hills? - Yes, we have a fleet of mx and enduro bikes to rent.

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